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“Cinderella”, A Family Musical for the Christmas Season in Oakville

Cinderella Pantomime OakvilleLooking for something special to do with kids, grand-kids, the whole family over the holidays?

“Cinderella”, a pantomime, is being performed right here in Oakville.

A pantomime, according to British tradition, is a fun musical performed over the holiday season.  I remember going to pantomimes as a child in Scotland.

Rikki Wright, Oakville resident has written and directed this musical. The Meeting House, in Oakville, has a large auditorium that is the venue for this theatrical performance.  Showtime runs December 16-18 and 27-31, 2011.

You can order tickets here and find out more about the show here.

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Kerr Village Art Gallery Opens in Oakville

Luigia Zilli, owner of Kerr Village Art Gallery, with Wayne

Luigia Zilli, owner of Kerr Village Art Gallery, with Wayne

There’s a new art gallery in Oakville!

Tonight Wayne and I went to the Grand Opening of a new art gallery in our neighbourhood.

Located in Kerr Village, the gallery displays works of Canadian and International artists, starting from the owner, Oakville resident Luigia Zilli ( Working in acrylic, she is mostly known for her Italian landscapes and bright flowers, and also for her popular bicycle art.

Claudia Gonzalez, from Oakville as well, born in Venezuela, makes beautiful jewellery pieces in silver using Svarovsky glass, cultured pearls and other semi-precious stones.

Des Bell, trained as illustrator, he’s expressing himself through photography. He is a Waterdown’s resident.

Sunflowers by Luigia ZilliJames C. Swartz, from Toronto, working in oil and mixed media mostly using a wide palette knife.

Jorge Luis Ballart, from Cuba, painting in oil, communicating through his work what is his view of life in Cuba, the people dreams and frustrations.

Maria Teresa Febres, Venezuelan born from Toronto, sculpting beautiful pieces in ceramic.

Franco Anselmi, a very accomplished artist from Italy, painting in oil and offering high quality screen print mixed media depicting cats, owls, elephants and horses in a very unique style.

Marthy Nasato, a sculptor from Aurora, ON with her beautiful dancers and acrobats. Marina, another Italian artist, painting acrylic abstract landscapes on a textured ground.

The gallery is a great addition in the upcoming neighborhood of Kerr Village in Oakville, which in few years is forecast to be as booming as the Downtown area.

Luigia, owner of Kerr Village Art Gallery, The Shantz Team

Luigia, owner of Kerr Village Art Gallery, The Shantz Team

“Our intent is also to cater good quality and affordable art and custom framing to the new residents that will come to live in Kerr Village when the new condos will be built, which will also increase pedestrian traffic on Kerr Street giving more exposure to all the businesses in the area.” says Luigia.

Looking to buy or sell real estate in Kerr Village or Oakville, call The Shantz Team, 905 599 3311 now!

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What I love about living in Oakville!: Note from newcomer to Oakville

Oakville lighthouse at dusk

Oakville lighthouse at dusk

Just received this unsolicited note today, from Donna Joyce, our new friend and client who moved here a year ago from Victoria, B.C., with her family.

I do write a lot of positive things about living in Oakville, but thought readers might like to hear directly from an Oakville newcomer, whom we met from her contacting us on this blog.

“Hello Hilary and Wayne:

We are enjoying all the fall colours and the change of season, though we certainly have been spoiled lately with the lovely continuing warm weather.  Every morning when I wake up I remark that it is another beautiful day in Oakville.

Thus far our experience has been wonderful – including trips to the medical clinic, hospital and medical specialists.  We had no problem getting a wonderul family doctor.  People have such passion for what they do and make you feel so welcomed and at ease.  It is farily easy to get around and I just love the downtown core.  The ambience and beauty as well as the lovely shops give that small town feel.  I can certainly see that Oakville is becoming the most livable town in Canada. It is a very clean and safe community.

George's Square downtown Oakville.  Pedestrian friendly!

George's Square downtown Oakville. Pedestrian friendly!

With walking and hiking trails and cross-country skiing too,  one forgets that we are also close to a major city as well as other beautiful places to visit for a day trip.  The international airport is approximately a 20 minute drive on the toll highway and we noticed how family-oriented this community is – with wonderful sports facilities, outdoor recreation,  shopping, plenty of schools and the brand new hospital which will be built within a couple of years.  When you see people out jogging and walking their dogs, it makes you feel safe.

Thank you again for welcoming us and for helping us find this wonderful home and area in which to live. Happy to hear that your move went well and someday when I downsize,  I know I will have many choices from the different types of homes that Oakville has to offer and I can count on your expertise again.

Always looking forward to your informative newsletters,

Best Regards,

Donna Joyce”

If you have moved to Oakville recently please share what you like about living in this wonderful town.

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Most Livable town: “Livable Oakville” official plan finalized

Oakville, most livable town in Canada

Oakville, most livable town in Canada

Some of you may be aware that the Town of Oakville has finalized a comprehensive official plan called “Livable Oakville” to help keep plans on track for Oakville to deserve the moniker of “Most Livable town in Canada”.

In a recent survey of residents (conducted by Pollara Strategic Insights), 800 residents chosen randomly were asked:

“What are the greatest challenges facing Oakville in its goal of being the most livable town in Canada?”

Top challenges identified were:

Cost of living                       9%

Town expansion                8%

Public Transportation      8%

Parking                                8%

While in previous years growth and development were identified as the greatest challenges facing Oakville, the good news is that Oakville is dealing with growth in a responsible and sustainable way, according to the survey.

Environmental concerns are at the forefront, when making decisions.  Concern over growth has dropped substantially since 2004.

“Livable Oakville”, the Town’s adopted Official Plan, establishes a new policy framework and identifies the growth areas of Midtown (a provincial Urban Growth Centre), Uptown Core, Palermo Village, Kerr Village, Bronte Village and Downtown Oakville.  I will be reporting more on each of these growth centres in future.

The new plan also introduces new policies relating to:

For more details about this see the Town of Oakville website

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Oakville Candidates for Mayor Answer Questions

Wayne and I attended an all-candidates question and answer session last night at Glen Abbey United Church, hosted by the Oakville Chamber of Commerce.  It was an opportunity for townsfolk to ask questions of our 2010 Oakville mayoral candidates. 

Four Oakville mayoral candidates answer questions

Four Oakville mayoral candidates answer questions

The church was packed, with standing room only (about 450 attendees).  Incumbent Rob Burton (who lives on my street), previous  mayor, Ann Muvale, John McLaughlin and Raymond Ray are this year’s candidates.

I have attended quite a few Town of Oakville sessions where Mayor Burton and his staff have talked about all the “state of the art” improvements (more extensive bus system, sports complexes, community centre, etc. ) that have already and will be added, under his administration.  All of these new initiatives have  positively impacted Oakville quality of life over the last 4 years.  This cannot be denied.

Some 450 or more Oakville residents attended

Some 450 or more Oakville residents attended

But the main thrust of last night’s debate was the other three contenders accusing Mr. Burton of “fiscal irresponsibility”.  How will all this get paid for?   Is it not  inevitable that our property taxes will go up?

Also the portion of the  cost of the new hospital for which the Town is responsible is going to be a burden on us and our kids. 

Another point raised by Mr. McLaughlin and Mr Ray was that businesses are not being attracted to Oakville because it costs so much to operate a business here, versus, say Markham.  This will mean that residents will bear the brunt of the costs incurred going forward.  

With respect to the proposed power plant, there was, as you can imagine, much discussion.  Ms. Mulvale said “this would not have been a possibility, under my watch!”  While Mayor Burton contended “I am convinced it will never get built”. 

We had to duck out near the end to pick up our daughter.

I have yet to make up my mind about who will get my vote on October 25th.  But I am certainly more informed about the issues, having attended this session.  This is why the democratic process is so important!  When I only listened to Mr. Burton speak over the last few years, I had not thought about the issues from another point of view.

I was impressed by all the candidates, and their knowledge of the issues that are at the forefront of most of our minds, whether the new Oakville hospital, power plant, property taxes, environmental issues, attracting businesses to Oakville, creating more world class festivals that draw visitors and fostering the arts. 

What are your thoughts?



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Why move to Oakville?: Lots of great reasons!

Oakville Harbour Lighthouse

Oakville Harbour Lighthouse

I’m always bragging on my town. 

So I thought for a change, dear readers, you might like to get the perspective of someone else who is chronicling our local charms. 

Darrell is a newcomer to our town, a very observant person, and good writer.  Here’s his blog about why he picked Oakville.   I sold his family a home last week, and they are preparing to move back this way shortly.

By the way the number of people from Alberta, B.C. that are contemplating returning to Ontario seems to be on the incline, and so often they wind up in Oakville, our fair town.

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Moving to Oakville: Happy client from Victoria, B.C.

Darrell and Hilary in nice River Oaks Oakville backyard

Darrell and Hilary in nice River Oaks Oakville backyard

Thought I’d share about my new friend Darrell from Victoria, B.C.  We have quite a few things in common including a love of cooking, gardening, blogging, Monastery Bakery and all things French.  

Darrell and his family read my blog back in February when they were considering moving back to Ontario.  Since then I have enjoyed chatting with them and sending them pertinent info.

Now they have sold their Victoria home and purchased a really special one in Oakville.  It has an exceptional media room in the basement and a lot of architectural detailing inside the home, and a backyard that, though a bit overgrown, has fabulous mature landscaping.  

Darrell and Hilary in media room

Darrell and Hilary in media room

Thanks also Darrell for the kind comments on my behalf which you shared on your blog. You and Donna are the kind of special people that make my work a pleasure (not just saying that!) and I can’t wait to see how much you will enjoy returning to Ontario, living in Oakville, and loving your new home.  To read Darrell’s blog post about his real estate experience, click here.

If you are considering relocating to beatiful Oakville, Ontario, call 905-599- 3311  or e-mail Hilary at [email protected]

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Public Schools in Oakville

Oakville is located in the Region of Halton.

These schools are part of the Halton District School Board, the public English education board for the region.

Public elementary schools
Abbey Lane Public School
Brantwood Public School
Brookdale Public School
Chisholm Public School (JK-G5)
Captain R. Wilson Public School (JK-G8)
Eastview Public School (JK-G8)
E.J. James Public School (G6-G8)
Falgarwood Public School
Forest Trail Public School (G.1-G7)
Gladys Speers Public School (JK-G6)
Heritage Glen Public School
Joshua Creek Public School
Linbrook Public School (JK-G5)
Lorne Skuce Public School (JK-G6)
Maple Grove Public School (JK-G5)
Montclair Sr. Public School (G7-G8)
Munn’s Public School (JK-G6)
New Central Public School (G6-G8)
Oakwood Public School (JK-G5)
Pilgrim Wood Public School (JK-G8)
Pine Grove Public School (G1-G6)
Post’s Corners Public School (JK-G8)
River Oaks Public School (JK-G8)
Sheridan Public School (JK-G5)
Sunningdale Public School (G1-G6)
West Oak Public School
W.H. Morden Public School

Public High Schools
Abbey Park High School
Iroquois Ridge High School
Oakville Trafalgar High School
T. A. Blakelock High School
White Oaks Secondary School

Halton Catholic District School Board
These schools are part of the Halton Catholic District School Board, the separate English education board for the region.

Catholic Elementary Schools
Holy Family Catholic Elementary School
Mother Teresa Catholic Elementary School
Pope John Paul II Catholic Elementary School
Our Lady of Peace Catholic Elementary School
St. Andrew Catholic Elementary School
St. Bernadette Catholic Elementary School
St. Dominic Catholic Elementary School
St. James Catholic Elementary School
St. Joan of Arc Catholic Elementary School
St. John Catholic Elementary School
St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School
St. Luke Catholic Elementary School
St. Marguerite d’Youville Catholic Elementary School (French Immersion)
St. Matthew Catholic Elementary School
St. Michael Catholic Elementary School
St. Vincent Catholic Elementary School

Catholic High Schools
Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School
St. Ignatius of Loyola Catholic Secondary School
St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School

Conseil scolaire de district du Centre-Sud-Ouest
This school is part of the Conseil scolaire de district du Centre-Sud-Ouest, the public French education board for the region.

École Patricia-Picknell

Conseil scolaire de district catholique Centre-Sud
This school is part of the Conseil scolaire de district catholique Centre-Sud, the separate French education board for the region.

École Saint Marie ll

For more information, consult individual school board websites:

Halton District School Board:

Halton Catholic District School Board:

Conseil scolaire de district du Centre-Sud-Ouest:

Consei scolaire de district catholique Centre-Sud:

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10th Annual Art and Artisans by the Lake at Appleby College in Oakville – April 19-20, 2008

Mark your calendars for an exciting Oakville art show Saturday April 19th and Sunday, April 20th.

This is the 10th Annual Art and Artisans by the Lake to be held on the beautiful 52–acre campus of Appleby College, located on the shores of Lake Ontario, 540 Lakeshore Road West.   The exhibit will be held in the Arena, between 10 and 4 both days.

Sponsored by the May Court Club of Oakville, this annual event showcases original works of the highest quality from Canadian artists and artisans.  Original paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography and mixed media will be exhibited.  All entries will be juried.

Funds raised will go to the Halton Emergency Shelter and the Halton Women’s Place.

Jacquie and her artOne of the artists being profiled this year is Jacqueline Dravetz, of Burlington, Ontario.  I visited Jacqueline and her husband Warner in their lovely home in Burlington which they are currently renovating. 

Here is Jacqueline after a day of horse-back riding in her dining room with one of her paintings.

Having worked for many years as a registered nurse, Jacqueline discovered her talent with the brush six years ago.  Since then she has devoted herself full-time to painting, exhibiting and doing portraits.  She is currently enrolled in the Academy of Realist Art in Toronto where she is learning to perfect the old master tradition of realist painting and portraiture. 

Jacqueline has a special gift for portraits of people and pets.  To find out more about Jacqueline’s work visit  

Hope to see you at the art show!




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Why Move to Oakville, Milton or Burlington? Halton Region Safest in Greater Toronto Region says Maclean’s Magazine

“Halton Region is a very safe place to live” says Maclean’s Magazine.

First time buyer coupleI was doing an open house yesterday afternoon in the new area of Bronte Woods and met two families from GTA land, one from Leaside and another that owned a home in downtown Toronto, both planning to relocate to Oakville, “for lifestyle and affordability”. 

This is definitely a growing trend, and not surprising, given the relatively higher price of detached homes in Toronto, high property taxes, and now the new municipal land transfer tax which has placed an added financial burden on home-buyers.

Given the many wonderful benefits of living and raising a family in Halton, we will certainly see this trend continue.

But back to the subject of this post. 

I noticed an article in The Oakville Beaver last week which said that Maclean’s Magazine recently profiled Halton as the safest place to live in the Greater Toronto Area.

Maclean’s rankings were based on 2006 per capita crime rates for murder, sexual assault, aggravated assault, robbery, break and enters, and auto theft from the Canadian Centre for Justice Studies.

To read more about why Halton is so safe, click here to access the Oakville Beaver article. 

The article also says that Halton is the fourth safest region in Canada.  Good news for our families and for the value of real estate in Halton.  Let’s keep it that way!


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